First Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia

First Gambling Center in Saudi ArabiaIs there a first gambling center in Saudi Arabia? Doing business in Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the easiest in the world. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the Middle East that adopted globalization as a method of liberating its economy to achieve robust economic development and to promote investments in Saudi Arabia. It pursued and initiated reforms that gradually solidified its economic standing and competence among the world’s economies.
Saudi laws were enacted to address the economic challenges and obstacles in meeting the economic goals of the Kingdom. The Council of Ministers issued and promulgated the new Saudi Foreign Investment Law on April 2000 following the recommendation of the Supreme Economic Council.

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The purpose of the law is to remove several economic restrictions to allow other forms of investments aside from oil and energy. This allows investment diversity that would significantly boost the economic growth of the Kingdom. With oil energy as its main economic sector, Saudi Arabia is in need to integrate with the world economic changes.

Casinos in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority is the governmental authority that issues the required Foreign Investment License, and manages and regulates all investments in the Kingdom. Some of these investments have also been successfully made in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Although Saudi Arabia has become more modern and open to the world, there will be no land-based casinos in Saudi Arabia – not at the moment. There was discussion about opening the gambling market to tourists and thus creating new sources of income.

كازينو اون لاين المملكة العربية السعودية

Dubai has transformed completely from being the tranquil, sleepy town of exotic coral and gypsum courtyard houses, Bedouin fishermen to being a dream city of high-rises and jetsetters. The Dubai of today offers utimate luxury at its heightened glory.

Hotels in Dubai cater to the high-fliers and are the embodiment of exclusivity. There are several four-star hotels in the country. Each hotel has a distinct style in terms of architecture, ambience and service (  كازينو اون لاين المملكة العربية السعودية).


Dubai’s existence can be traced back to 1799. The city has been progressing rapidly and become one of the most important cities in the world.
Some of the renowned eateries in Dubai are hotel Ashiana, Al Qasr, Antique Bazaar, Benjarong and so on.

Dubai also called the shopping capital of the Middle East. The city contains several high profile shopping malls and traditional souks. Dubai shopping is a heaven for duty free shopping and the products give value for money. Automobiles,sports equipments,jewelry, haute couture, furnishing and much more are all available here. Some of the world-renowned shopping malls include Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall and Burjuman Centre.


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One of the major attractions to the city is the annual Dubai Shopping Festival which attracts people from far and wide to grace the occassion. Dubai shopping is an experience that will be memorable.

There are many things to do in Dubai. There are several entertainment hubs with flamboyant nightlife with the choicest bars and bistros in the city. Some of the famous bars in Dubai are Alamo, Atlantis, Carter’s, Century Village and so on.

Dubai Desert Classic, which is one of the most popular golf tournaments, the Dubai International Film Festival- one such festival that has special screenings of international and local cinema are some of the world famous festivals that takes place in Dubai.

Dubai festivals are round the clock and there are too many things to do in Dubai and one has to make an itinerary to enjoy most of Dubai.

Gambling in Saudi Arabia

There is this debate which has been ravaging online for sometime now which is what or where is the First Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia? Eventhough there are several multiplexes and exhibitions and events like Cityscape and Gitex, no one knows the first Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia. Based on Islamic belief, there will be no gambling in Saudi Arabia at least for the time being. It may be that in the near future there will be new offers for the many tourists in Saudi Arabia.

الكازينو في السعوديه

On a more positive note, there are many modern, Western stores and restaurants in the area. For example, there are many Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants. The shopping malls are very much like western malls and you can also watch satellite television programs in your home. The western compounds are the ideal place for those moving into the country to relax and be able to feel a little more at home. However, it’s best to not completely alienate yourself from the Saudis, as you need to understand them so you can communicate with them, make friends and understand their culture better ( الكازينو في السعوديه ).

First Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia

After going through history, it is hard to say where the First Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia is located, Gambling in Saudi Arabia and Casino Saudi Arabia have always gone hand in hand. There are some licensed arab online casinos which will gives out high welcome bonus for arab players. They are 888casino, Casino Las Vegas, Bwin Casino in arbic and Arab Casino Cruise  on Riyadh Casino as well.

Good luck and much fun with the popular online casinos on the first Gambling Center in Saudi Arabia.

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